Voyin Vilimanovich

Name: Voyin Vilimanovich

I’m an expert in: Volleyball

Where it all began (how yoga came into your life): Growing up I always understood the value of Yoga, but I didn’t truly realize the benefits till I started practicing.  As a very active person I was initially drawn to yin.  As my practice evolved I started realizing the benefits.  Physically old injures that accumulated over the years started to heal, emotionally I started feeling stronger more grounded, compassionate, considerate, patient and able to handle the day to day stresses that life imposes on us as well as working though past stresses that I thought I had left behind.  With so many benefits I decided that teaching others the value of yoga was the next step…I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to imbue others with this knowledge.

Favorite food: Pho

Where can you find me when I’m not in the hot room: You can find me practicing in the studio I love, traveling, skiing and enjoying great friends.

What you can expect in my class: In my class, you can expect HEAT, and the message of compassionately treating your body with the opportunity of self healing. Straps too.

Completed trainings: I had the opportunity to finish Joe Barnett’s Level 1 and 2 yin training.