Sharda DeBoer

Name: Sharda de Boer

Nickname(s): Twiggy, Twigs

I’m an expert in: I am not an expert in anything, but love to dabble in sports, crafts and cooking.

Where it all began (how yoga came into your life): I started practicing Bikram HOT yoga in 2006, immediately fell in love with the practice, paring breathe and movement, finding stillness and just being present with my body while stretching. From childhood I loved sports and for me yoga is another form of sport, complementing my running, swimming, cycling and mountain climbing/scrambling. I love the way I feel after each practice, grounded and balanced.

Favorite food: My grannies curried crab followed by chocolate cake

Where can you find me when I’m not in the hot room: At the gym, swimming pool, city trials or better yet on a mountain or putzing around at home with my puppies, Jack, Curly and JO

What you can expect in my class: A HOT sweaty class, paring breathe and movement, the ability to explore your personal practice, getting to know your body, also expect to be adjusted and taken into a deeper stretch.

Completed trainings:

Moksha Level 1 (April 2009 India) with Ted Grand

Yin (May 2009 Vancouver) with Bernie Clarke

Baptiste Level 1 (2010 Hawaii) Baron Baptiste

One Yoga Training (2012 Saskatoon) Ryan Leier

Rocket Yoga (2014 New York) David Kyle

Favorite quote: “What we really are matters more than what other people think of us” – Nehru