Kaitlynn Hoffmann

Name: Kaitlynn Hoffman

Nickname(s):  Kait, Lil Hoff

I’m an expert in: Winning staring contests against cats

Where it all began (How yoga came into your life?): I took my first yoga class at a Bikram studio on a friend date and was hooked. Being young and broke, I studio hopped and took advantage of all the beginner month passes at various yoga studios but eventually kept returning to Moksha and realized it was home. My yoga practice has been a key component of maintaining and supporting my mental health.

Favorite food: CHEESE, CHEESE and more CHEESE

Where can you find me when I’m not in the hot room: Hanging with my tiny dog Taco, dancing around to some live music, or adventuring abroad.

What you can expect in my class: I’m very passionate about integrating new tools for mental health support on the mat in addition to asana. I like to weave intention setting, visualizations and different transitions into my classes. You can expect a reading or quote to soak in in a well-deserved, 5 min savasana.

Trainings completed: Moksha Yoga Level One TT, 2016

Favorite Quote: “Please don’t worry, I’ve got you”- The Universe