Deanne Keller

Name: Deanne Keller

I’m an expert in: Everything about holistic nutrition, functional movement & strength training, yoga for sports performance!

Where it all began (how yoga came into your life): I started practicing at Moksha Edmonton west in 2008 just after it opened. I heard about a friend of mine doing a 30 day hot yoga challenge in Toronto at Moksha and I was intrigued. I googled it and boom! there was MYE! I started practicing for cross training as a way to balance out my running schedule. I fell in love with Moksha immediately, the community, coupled with the heat and the inevitable calming effect on the whole body. I tell people yoga saved my life, I had lots of anxiety and stress, so I feel yoga made me became more confident, calm and resilient person. It really made me feel empowered!

Favorite food: NACHOES! organic of course lol 🙂

Where can you find me when I’m not in the hot room: In the mountains running on the trails I find nirvana!

What you can expect in my class: It’s all about balance – hopefully a good workout, good stretch and feeling calm and peaceful at the end. I love to use blocks and straps. I love reading paragraphs from Melodie Beattie – Journey to the Heart.

Trainings completed: Moksha hot yoga training – 2010, Vinyasa flow training – One yoga Ryan Leier – 2012, Yin yoga training – Joe Barnett Paul Grilley – 2012, Yoga Sports Performance – 2016