Christina Kim

Name: Christina Kim

Nickname(s): Kim, CK, Chris, Christina Kim (in full)

I’m an expert in: Anything and everything pizza, traveling, photography, baking, laughing, spontaneous road trips and travels.

Where it all began (how yoga came into your life): Ironically enough, it was when I worked at lululemon athletica that I ventured into the yoga world. I wanted to work on my flexibility and find something that was challenging for me (aka slowing down) to compliment my other fitness regime. I took a class at Moksha and it really resonated with me. I liked the heat (probably because it was dead Winter), the community and the instructors. The rest is history.

Favorite food: Pizza, gnocchi and bruschetta. I think I was Italian in my past life.

Where can you find me when I’m not in the hot room: Traveling the world, snapping photos of adventures or sweet people, road tripping, eating pizza, spinning or doing a HIIT class.

What you can expect in my class: A balanced blend of yin and yang. You’ll sweat it out, have fun and be challenged. You’ll also be moving to sweet beats like Kygo.

Completed trainings: Moksha Yoga – Los Angeles, 2013

Favorite quote: Starve the ego, feed the soul – Steve Aoki.

Watch carefully,

the magic that occurs,

when you give a person,

just enough comfort,

to be themselves.

– Atticus