Christina Cheung

Name: Christina Cheung

Nickname(s): Cheung. Ninja.

I’m an expert in: Drinking way too much coffee and talking like i drank way too much coffee 🙂

Where it all began (How yoga came into your life?): I started practicing yoga in 2007, at a time when I was in school and working full time. My first class left me on a wave of emotions but also surprisingly, a sense of calm i had never really known or felt.

Its my medicine now to get on the mat daily, my head gets a little quieter  and everything just seems a bit better once i get off of it.

Favorite food: Frozen Yogurt

Where can you find me when I’m not in the hot room:  Teaching group boxing classes at Champs, sweating it out in group fitness classes. Hanging out with good people. Chilling out with great reads. Sleeping!

What you can expect in my class: It’s all about getting lost in your breath and be totally immersed in what you are doing. I like to keep my classes pretty light hearted with the element of play complimenting strong, fluid movement and intelligent sequencing. I also love spending too much time curating playlists; moving and sweating in 39 degrees is just sweeter set to fresh beats.

Trainings completed: Moksha Yoga -July 2010, Power Vinyasa Level 1 Training  w/ Amazing Yoga – June 2011, Vinyasa Flow w/ Seane Corne – October 2011, Rocket Yoga w/ Asta Yoga August 2013 and w/ David Kyle September  2014, 500 hr Yoga Medicine w/ Tiffany Cruikshank – current pursuit

Favorite quote:  ” Get out of your head and get into your heart. Think less and feel more ” ~ Osho