Carly Morrison

Name: Carly Morrison

I’m an expert in: I’m basically an expert in all things squash.  Not the food, but the sport! Love it, been playing for years. In fact, my whole family plays. #nerds

Where it all began (how yoga came into my life): It all began for me in early 2013.  A friend of mine invited me to a moksha yoga class and I figured why not, right?  I could use a good stretch class.  I was falling over, laughing at times and extremely frustrated with myself at others.  The experience had me so intrigued that I kept going back.  Things in my body and my life began shifting and I knew this practice was cosmic.  It didn’t take long before I landed myself in a power class, and knew I needed to grow my practice and share my yoga with others!

Favorite food: I am obsessed with dates. Yes dates. Natures fudge 🙂 Stuff them with cream cheese, they are delicious!

Where you can find me when I’m not in the hot room: If I’m not in the hot room, you can find me in my swagger wagon, chauffeuring my kiddos around the city to their various activities.

Trainings completed: In August 2014 I completed Baptiste Level 1 training.  Shortly after, I completed The Art of Assisting through the Baptiste Institute.  This program focuses on connection and empowering others by using hands on assists. In October 2015 I completed Baptiste level 2 training and I am currently working towards attaining my Baptiste Certribution! That’s right! Certification and Contribution combined 😀

Favorite quote: “You put those hours in and look at what you get, nothin’ that you can hold but everything that it is, ten thousand” – Ten Thousand hours, Macklemore