Beth Beachler

Beth Beachler

Name: Beth Beachler

Nickname(s): … no nicknames….that I know of…?!

I’m an expert in: Porch and dock sitting… expertise really shines through when there is coffee or wine involved!

Where it all began (how yoga came into your life): I have been practicing yoga on an off for many years but it has really been in the past 15 years that  I have fully embraced it.  Of course there is the physical strength a practice offers, but, over time, I have realized that it is  the mental flexibility and strength it helps me develop that keeps me going back to the mat.

Favorite food: Hmmm… let me think, is wine or coffee considered a food?  Well, if not then I choose chocolate peanut butter ice cream ….. or maybe homemade apple pie with chocolate ice cream… I have a couple faves?

Where can you find me when I’m not in the hot room: On my porch or in my garden.  You may also find me out for a walk in nature. I also love hiking and kayaking….Cross country and downhill skiing keep me happy in the winter.

What you can expect in my class:  I like to fill my classes with lots of energy.  I encourage people to try new things, playing  the edges  of each asana physically and mentally even if whatever it is they are trying may not work out as planned.  To drop their fears and worries at the door, to breathe fully and to walk away feeling that they have done the best that they can do.  Just as importantly, I hope they will take what they have learned on the mat and infuse it into their daily lives, ultimately becoming a more content person with even more reasons to believe in themselves.

Trainings completed:

Seane Corne    April 2015

Art of assisting  June 2015

Yin – Joe Barnett Sept 2014

Power level 1. June 2012

Restorative Yoga.  Judith Lasater. August 2012

Moksha yoga.  July 2010

Anusara level 1 2008.

Favorite quote: Be in love with your life…every minute of it -Jack Keroune. This is such a great reminder!